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Photo editing has never been easier!

inPixio Photo Clip Professional is a software program for editing and improving your photos. It allows you to perfectly cut out objects or people in your photos with ease! With the erase tool you can also remove unwanted features in the landscape and correct defects in a few clicks. You can produce creative montages too thanks to the many backgrounds available.

In this professional version, you will also be able to benefit from a whole host of new additions, especially for retouching your images. Modules such as self-correction in 1 click or the possibility of adding color effects (LUT) will enhance your photos and give them an original and creative look worthy of a professional.

——– Erasing objects and people with the Eraser ——–

inPixio Photo Clip allows you to erase an object just like an eraser, simply by highlighting the unwanted parts of the image, and reconstructs the structures of the background. Correct any residual imperfections with the cloning stamp.

Examples of uses:
– Erase unnecessary objects and people
– Remove shadows
– Remove texts, data, logos and watermarks

NEW! Correction patch
This new, super fast correction tool allows you to get rid of imperfections, fill in or clone part of the image with just one flick of the mouse. It makes it easier to touch up areas that are hard to “reconstruct”. It can remove or add elements, even in areas that are very difficult to rebuild (steps, shading in the sky, etc.).
Also use the patch to retouch portraits. Eliminate minor imperfections and make wrinkles less visible, like the glossy magazines do!

——– Cut-out like magic with Cutter ——–

Cutting out in a few clicks

With inPixio Photo Clip, your digital scissors, cut out any detail, individual, object or even landscape in your photos. Select the outline of the person using the slider or the background to erase, and the Photo Clip algorithm then runs automatically!

Conversely, you can use the “keep” slider for important features to make sure your cut-out is perfect. Even hair, drops of water and the finest details are removed from the background down to the nearest pixel.

Then put the cut objects on the available backgrounds to make photomontages or collages in an instant! Just select your background pattern from the new original images, or download your own images for unique photomontages.

NEW! Even easier use and infinite creations
You can now import multiple photos in a single edit for spectacular and unexpected results.

Also find over 100 stickers and text templates to add style to your photos and photomontages. Original content for every special occasion (birthdays, greetings, invitations, etc.).

——– Photo Editing with Editor ——–

NEW! Automatic correction in 1 click:
Amazing photos in just one click – using 100% automatic smart technology! Improve the quality and colors of your photos in under a second thanks to our fully automatic process. You no longer have to be a Photoshop expert to create perfect photos!

NEW! Addition of LUT styles
Incredible photos in just 1 click. Turn your pictures into one-of-a-kind shots by using styles worthy of a professional photographer. In just 1 click, your original photo is transformed and enhanced thanks to our selection of LUTs. You can also use this tool to import your own libraries or download and import free libraries from the Internet.

NEW! Automatic Red-Eye Correction
This new, 100% automatic technology recognises faces in your photos, and detects and corrects red eyes in a flash Give a new sparkle to your portraits or family photos from paper prints or slides, for instance.

Retouching and Correction :
– Denoise module
– Dehaze module
– Selective retouching module
– Creative blur module
– Sharpness module
– Add opacity
– Cropping and 90° rotation

Adjustments and effects :
– Tone curve
– Color balance
– Film grain module
– Vignetting:
– Add filters, frames and textures from among the models proposed
– Also find on Editor more than 100 stickers and text templates to add style to your photos and photomontages. Original content for every special occasion (birthdays, greetings, invitations). All of the designs are fully editable (format, color, font, opacity).

——– User help ——–

NEW! Find tutorial videos for each Photo Clip module
To get the most out of Photo Clip Pro’s features, mini videos have been added to each of the software program’s modules in the form of tooltips, making it easier and more effective to use.

The old and new features of the program are explained in a fun and dynamic way. Simply hover over one of the features to reveal a demonstration of what you can do with it.



InPixio Photo Clip Professional是一个用于编辑和改善您的照片的软件程序。它可以让你完美地剪出你的照片中的物体或人轻松!使用擦除工具,您还可以删除景观中不需要的功能,并在几次单击后纠正缺陷。由于有许多背景,你也可以制作创意蒙太奇。

在这个专业版中,你也将能够受益于一大堆新的添加,特别是在修饰你的图像。模块,如自我校正在1点击或添加颜色效果 (LUT) 的可能性将增强您的照片,并给他们一个值得专业的原创和创意外观。

——– 用橡皮擦清除物体和人 ——–



这个新的,超快的校正工具可以让你摆脱缺陷,填充或克隆图像的一部分,只需轻弹鼠标。它使修复难以 “重建” 的区域变得更容易。它可以删除或添加元素,甚至在非常难以重建的区域 (步骤,天空中的阴影等)。

——– 用刀切割像魔法 ———


与inPixio照片剪辑,你的数字剪刀,剪出任何细节,个人,对象或甚至风景在你的照片。选择使用滑块或背景进行擦除的人的轮廓,然后Photo Clip算法自动运行!

相反,您可以将 “保持” 滑块用于重要功能,以确保您的切口是完美的。甚至头发,水滴和最细微的细节都从背景中删除,直到最近的像素。



还可以找到100多个贴纸和文本模板,为您的照片和照片添加样式。每个特殊场合 (生日、问候、邀请等) 的原创内容。

——– 带有编辑器的照片编辑 ——–

惊人的照片只需点击一下-使用100% 自动智能技术!改善您的照片质量和颜色在一秒钟内由于我们的全自动过程。你不再需要成为一个Photoshop专家来创建完美的照片!


这种新的,100% 的自动技术识别你的照片中的脸,并检测和纠正红眼睛在闪光给你的肖像或家庭照片从纸质印刷品或幻灯片,例如。

-裁剪和90 ° 旋转

-还可以在编辑器上找到100多个贴纸和文本模板,以添加样式到您的照片和照片照片。每个特殊场合的原创内容 (生日、问候、邀请)。所有的设计都是完全可编辑的 (格式,颜色,字体,不透明度)。

——– 用户帮助 ———

新的!查找每个Photo Clip模块的教程视频
为了最大限度地利用Photo Clip Pro的功能,迷你视频以工具提示的形式添加到每个软件程序的模块中,从而使其更容易,更有效地使用。